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ECP is a landmark for proper judgment and integrity in business to business transactions with current and potential partners.  Our ISOs, PSPs, Agents and Partners are the key component to our success so our first obligation is to protect our relationship with them and avoid any situation that would adversely affect their reputation or cause unacceptable financial risk to them. ECP ensures reliability, knowledge and reciprocity to all partner interactions through regular monitoring of the partner’s performance against opportunistic or risky behaviour thus protecting the integrity of our partners in front of the Card Schemes. Becoming a partner of ECP protects you from risks in e-commerce such as transactional barriers or losses faced by other companies due to the lack of a skilled, quality operational service or superficial monitoring of fraudulent behaviours on merchant websites. ECP invests knowledge, competence and trust in partnership relationships because we value the long term development of a sustainable business to business network. We are open to share our industry knowledge and assist our partners.
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