Online Merchant Account

ECP has both the acquiring expertise and the technical infrastructure to guarantee its merchants fast, secure and reliable transaction processing. Through a high-performance payment gateway we give our merchants the ability to enjoy a hassle-free online processing experience guided by our dedicated team of expert professionals. Both partners and merchants receive a customized, individually oriented service to boost their business results and maximize their bottom line. Our portfolio is structured to equip low and high risk ventures with major credit cards acceptance, professional risk management, real-time transaction monitoring, timely settlements and transparent fee schedules. ECP has the proper knowledge to assist a wide range of businesses across various industry verticals:
  • Forex: real-time transaction monitoring to promptly identify daily business trends and fluctuations
  • Binary Options: tiered pricing schedules and shorter settlement cycles to meet the emerging needs of the finance industry
  • Travel: multi-currency payment options allow for better market penetration and a wider customer reach
  • Pay-day loans: experienced in-house risk team plus sophisticated fraud-scrubbing tools to keep chargeback levels low
  • E-Commerce: attractive rates for the different card types to enable profitable transaction processing
  • Hospitality Industry: recurring, on-time, MOTO, 3D transactions to facilitate flawless customer experience
  • Large Mail Order and e-Commerce Retailers: flexible processing solution tailored to suit the unique needs of each business venture
  • Any other type of low or medium risk businesses